Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We All Respond to Something

''We All Have SAME Emotions,
Over DIFFERENT Things'''

---We all respond to something. There is something that exists ''that we really like to do.'' Something that ''speaks'' to us as nothing else does. Something that goes on that has us ''going on,'' too.
---We are all so different in our ''likes'' and ''preferences,'' that finding our own may take sometime, unless we have been honest with ourselves all along the way. When I speak of honesty, I am speaking of being truthful to yourself. Then it is easy to know what one likes or ones own mind as we are on ''track.''
---When we are in relationship to this ''thing,'' we feel good. As Shakespeare once said, ''There is nothing good or bad within itself, it is our thinking that makes it so.'' We have to use intelligence here. We don't want to make everyone our victim. Before we embark on anything like this, we have to ''understand'' Love and Caringness. Then we naturally are sure everyone and everything is alright.
---Some of us sing, dance, play music, listen to music, have ''different'' favorites as we watch TV, watch Sports, play Sports, exercise, go for walks, read, play on their computers, eat, drink, sleep, knit, crochet, smoke, etc. Some of us have Significant Other people to fill this bill. We ALL seem to have the ''same'' emotions over ''different'' things.
---That which we resonate to calls us to the highest and truest of ourselves. We are in a Love Relationship. We treat this ''relationship'' as almost Sacred as to us it very much is. A feeling of joy overtakes this ''relationship,'' and it's pursuit becomes a natural unfolding of the Self.
---Blame doesn't work. It is really nobody elses fault for us being in the situation we are in. The old joke is that as we are telling the therapist it is all our ''friend's'' fault, our ''friend'' is busy telling his therapist it is our fault. This is about as far as blame gets us. Maybe it is time to move on. It really doesn't matter whose fault it is, this, whatever it is, is the situation. Learn from it, and move on. Unravelling who we are is much more fun and rewarding, than always being concerned with how right we are.
---As we communicate and relate we discover Ourself and our relationship to the Divine. It becomes an Infinite Process as we grow with ''It.'' This is our Path. We slough off that which we no longer need and ''move'' as our ''new'' self. Remember, it is no ones ''job'' to Love us, but it is ''our'' job to Love them. To have a friend, be a friend.
---The next time you feel tempted to shift the blame his way give this a little more thought. See your own responsibility, and go further. Contrary to popular belief, ''nothing happens in the Past.'' The Situation is ''what it is.'' Move from there. Everyone and everything has value. Maybe we should examine things a little more kindly and closely. We can be taught from many angles when we are open. Be Well.
''I Don't Know What, But The DOG (Above) Is Responding To Something.''

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